Demi-Goddess - Double-Layered Crystal Stone + Moon Pendent

Peace Life Love

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The power of energy healing through natural gemstones and crystals have been used for thousands of years. 

If you believe in the Power Of Energy Healing, this handmade necklace is perfect for you. 

Black Onyx - Absorbs and transforms negative energy. Helps to manifest emotional and physical strength. 

Aventurine - The Heart Chakra. Comforter of the heart. Heals mend the hurt heart. Promotes well-being. 

Amethyst - This is the calming stone. Brings and balances harmony and peace emotionally, spiritually, physically. 

Blue Sandstone - The "Lucky" charm gemstone. Generates energy, brings wisdom, calms tension. 

White Opal - "The Stone of the Gods". Clears emotions, brings positive vibrations, gives hope, and is known as the stone of great achievement. 

Sodalite - Logic, rationality, efficiency. Helps to clear thoughts, stimulate the mind and bring creativity. Allows for clear communication and brings the truth to light. 

Turquoise - This is the oldest known stone to be used by kings, warriors, tribes, and shamans. Brings protection from bad energies. 

*Please note that since these are natural stones, each stone is unique. No two crystals and gemstones will be alike. 

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